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Greece has been making headlines recently with its energy sector reforms and newly awoken solar PV market.

Greece’s newly awoken solar energy market has been generating a lot of attention from both local and international players. Recently, the country’s energy regulator, RAE, announced that the country’s second solar PV auction will take place on the 10th of December, where it plans to award 94 MW to PV projects up to 1 MW, and 100 MW to projects between 1 MW and 20 MW. Interestingly enough, Greece has already reached its 2020 target of 2,200 MW of installed PV capacity. That bids the question as to what the new plans or targets will be for 2020, and what will happen beyond that horizon.

To take stock of all the recent developments, we’ve created a quick overview in the shape of a 10-page white paper. This ‘Solar Energy Snapshot’ provides a comprehensive overview of the rapidly-growing solar energy market in Greece, along with key insights into its PV sector and auctions.

The report is part of the preparation for the first edition of the PV Market & Tender Mission Greece, which will be organized by Solarplaza on November 20-22, 2018 in Athens. The goal of this 3-day trade mission is to mobilize a diverse group of governmental officials, international developers, investors and other stakeholders; and together explore the opportunities in the re-emerging Greek PV market, with the upcoming tenders being one of the main focus points of the mission.

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